January 1, 2020

What prescribers need to know

  • Providers are required to use electronic prescribing for Schedule II-V substances.
  • Prescribers must check with the Oklahoma Prescription Drug Monitoring Program from new patients or if 180 days have passed since the last check. 
  • If a practitioner prescribes from multiple locations, they must register each location with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control. There is no fee and registration is effective for two years. 
  • A dosage of a Schedule II-V substance cannot be more than 72 hours if administered directly to the patient. 
  • A prescription for a Schedule III, IV, or V substance cannot be refilled more than six months after the original prescription date or be refilled more than five times after the initial date of the prescription unless it's renewed by the prescriber. 
  • Bill 2931 Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Act
  • Doesn't specify penalties for non-compliance

Register with the Oklahoma PDMP here: https://www.ok.gov/obndd/Prescription_Monitoring_Program/NEW_PMP_System.html

For details instructions on how to comply with the mandate:

To see how RXNT can help you get certified:

Oklahoma Exceptions

  • Practitioners who dispense directly to a patient. 
  • Prescriptions administered in a hospital, nursing home, hospice facility, outpatient dialysis facility, or residential care facility. 
  • Practitioners experiencing temporary technological or electrical failure or other extenuating circumstances. 
  • Waivers obtained through a licensing board. 
  • Licensed veterinarians.