January 1, 2020

What prescribers need to know

Providers are required to use electronic prescribing for Schedule II-III substances. Before prescribing a Schedule II and III opioid or narcotic, prescribers must review the patient's 12-month prescription history with the North Carolina Controlled Substances Reporting System (NC CSRS). Then every three months, if the Schedule II or Schedule III opioid or narcotic remains part of the patient's medical care, practitioners must again review the patient's 12-month history in the NC CSRS. These reviews should be documented in a patient's health record. 

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North Carolina Exceptions

  • Practitioners who dispense directly to a patient. 
  • Prescriptions administered in a hospital, nursing home, hospice facility, outpatient dialysis facility, or residential care facility. 
  • Practitioners experiencing temporary technological or electrical failure or other extenuating circumstances. 
  • Prescriptions dispensed by a pharmacy located on federal property. 
  • Licensed veterinarians.