January 1, 2020

What prescribers need to know

  • Providers are required to use electronic prescribing for all prescriptions
  • Prescriptions for Schedule II substances cannot be issued more than six months after the initial prescription date. 
  • Pharmacies must report to the Iowa Prescription Drug Monitoring Program within one (1) business day of the medication being prescribed. 
  • A "Good Samaritan Law" grants a one-time immunity for individuals who report to repeat offenders or drug dealers. 
  • Bill Name: House File 2377
  • Includes penalties for non-compliance

Register with Iowa's PDMP here: https://pharmacy.iowa.gov/iowa-pmp-awarxe

For details instructions on how to comply with the mandate:

To see how RXNT can help you get certified:

Iowa Exceptions

  • The law does not apply to prescriptions for those in jail, long-term treatment facilities, or correctional facilities.